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Pool Maintenance – Tips Get Your Pool Ready for Spring

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Pool Maintenance -Tips Get Your Pool Ready for Spring

Opening your pool signals the start of warm weather and chillin PoolSide.  Here in Arizona we don’t exactly have to emerge from a long snowy winter, more like a brush with cooler temperatures. Nonetheless, you still need to do some simple pool maintenance to get warm-weather ready.

With our triple-digit temperature days comes daily pool use and doubling the pump run time. The first simple pool maintenance step toward getting back in great shape is spring inspection. Mirage Pools recommends calling on a local pool pro to inspect and start up your pool equipment. Often, this minimal expense pays off in the long run. A trained eye can spot safety issues such as missing suction covers, electrical or gas problems. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some steps to follow.

1) Remove standing water, leaves and debris from the pool cover

2) Make sure your water is at the proper level

3) Lubricate or replace o-rings on pump lids and the equipment’s plumbing connections

4) Visually inspect equipment — pump, filter, heater, lights, automation system and chlorinator

5) Ensure drain covers are properly installed and secure

6) Make sure your heater is free of debris and has proper clearance of any combustibles

7) Power-up equipment and check for leaks or drips, and tighten connections, replace o-rings as needed

8) If using a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, add the proper amount of DE.  If you’re using a cartridge filter, clean cartridges

9) Run your pump for several hours, then check and adjust water chemistry to proper balance. (Make sure your testing kit and chemicals are not expired)

10) Once adjustments have been made, shock the pool following label directions

11) Before running your automatic pool cleaner, remove any heavy debris from the bottom of the pool

12) Check the operating pressure on your filter and verify good water flow. It may need to be backwashed or the cartridge(s) cleaned

13) Re-install ladders and accessories that were removed and stored for the winter

If you’re looking for a pool pro in your area, just let us know. We would be more than happy to recommend a proven tech.

– Chad Neujahr

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