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cleanService tips to help maintain your pool!

Anyone who has owned a pool will tell you just how much of a learning curve there really is to perfect the art of keeping and maintaining gorgeous pool waters all 365 days of the year.  There are certain things that you may have been doing to negatively affect the the quality and the health of your pool, starting with:

Adding The Pool Chemicals At The Wrong Time

There is a time and place for everything, including when you should be adding chemicals to your water.  Placing chemicals in the water in the morning or during the day, particularly during the spring and summer months, can severely decrease their effectiveness – especially when it comes to chlorine.  Whenever possible, add chemicals to your pool after the heat of the day has passed and the sun has gone down.  That way you can reduce evaporation and help ensure the stability of those chemicals.

Not Running The Pump For Long Enough

All too many pool owners have completely forgotten about just how important regular and proper circulation of their pool waters is for the health of their pools.  For the most part, pool owners need to be running their pump for longer periods of time to make sure that the water is continuing to circulate properly and that the water is flowing at a rate that will properly maintain the chemical balance of the water (which will then put a stop to the growth of bacteria and algae)

Underestimating The Affect Of A Crack

A small crack in the wall of the pool – not a big deal, right?  Especially if it’s above the waterline?  WRONG!  Even the tiniest of hairline cracks can have a major negative impact on your pool.  Water can and will seep out of such cracks, which will have a horrible and expensive impact on the foundation of your pool.

To build and maintain your new pool contact Mirage Pools and Spas for a free consultation.

– Chad Neujahr

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